• Creative Solutions

    We specialize in the ABSOLUTE BEST DEALS on USED MOBILE HOMES in the state of Virginia. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll contact other banks and repossession companies to help you track it down – FREE OF CHARGE! We are more than happy to negotiate a price that works for you and are more than happy to change any feature of a home to fit your needs!

  • Customer Features

    This is our new and improved website. It allows you to search for homes above and has a much easier list of properties for sale so you can find what you need. You can search for a specific home or area, or you can click on the “PROPERTY” page at the top of the page. Homes are featured above in the slide bar as well as below here in the featured home section. Also, we like to have our fun and teach others what we do, click here to get to our short video section with our theme song video, short “how-to” videos, and more!

  • Helpful Services

    We buy, sell, and finance used mobile homes. We also move the homes and offer incentives for moving if you buy one of our homes. We are a Licensed Manufactured Home Dealer and can get you parts and supplies for your mobile home at wholesale prices as well. We are a Licensed Contractor and can help you fix/repair your home. We will soon be offering new homes for sale as well as modulars!

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